The Texas Red Rose Award




The Red Rose Award is a title in honor of our dear 2010 Texas Rose of Tralee, Adrienne Hussey. Adrienne was a social worker, was a Big Sister in the Big Brothers, Big Sisters organization, mentoring a young lady for many years, worked with the Ann Richards Foundation in Austin, and even lead a cooking camp for young women in the summer. Her compassion and tireless efforts to make a difference were pivotal when she was alive, and have been everlasting and far-reaching since she passed. After she shockingly passed away in Dublin in January of 2012 of a cranial aneurysm, a group of Roses and Escorts who grew close with her after their experience in the Rose of Tralee created a charity based in Ireland in her honor that raised funds for cranial aneurysm research and ultimately gave a scholarship to a young woman to complete a doctoral program researching cranial aneurysms at the University of Limerick. The effects of her impact on so many before and after her death is overwhelming to contemplate, as even in death, her desire to be an organ donor saved seven lives. Adrienne's favorite color was red, often wore it, and often associated it with becoming the Texas Rose. And so, the Red Rose Award was born.


The winner of the award will receive a $1,000 scholarship to put toward school, appear at various fundraising and promotional events in the state of Texas, helping the organization to promote the Texas and International Rose. 

She will help perform duties such as open Gaelic football events, sell raffle tickets, appear at Irish American Society and Irish Consulate events, and much more. She will gain as much as she wishes, with an opportunity to gain an extended family and support group of friends within our friendly and far-reaching Texas Rose of Tralee Irish-Texan state-wide community. 

For applications please contact:

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Congratulations to our 2019 Texas Red Rose, Kendall Thomas!