it could be you!

are you interested in becoming the next texas rose? 

Do you know someone who would make a great Texas rose?

apply to be the 2021 texas rose!

All entrants must: 

  • Be 18 years of age by January 1st 2021 and will not have reached your 29th birthday on or prior to September 1st 2021.

  • Be unmarried or never been married.

  • Be female, born in Ireland or an Irish citizen or of Irish origin by virtue of one of your ancestors having been born in Ireland.

  • For applicants residing outside the island of Ireland - be living in the region you wish to represent for a minimum of one year and recommend that if selected as the Rose that you will remain resident in this region for the following 12 months.

  • Never have previously represented any Centre as a Rose in the Regional Festival or International Rose of Tralee Selection.

For applications, please email

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